Our Shared Values

Company culture describes the shared characteristics of an organization; this includes your vision, mission, attitudes, language, behaviors, and values. Culture is the way your team or members act, think, and understand the world around them. It defines thevalues and behaviors that are acceptable and expected. In short, it’s the DNA and the soul of your organization. 

VISION: Your Roadmap to the Future

A vision statement is a look into your organization’s future destination, describing the impact you want to have on your community, or the world, as a result of your vision. It also gives your team a picture of a brighter future to work toward. 

Mission Matters

Company culture describes the shared characteristics of an organization, and this includes your mission, vision, values, goals, practices, and attitudes. While all of these are important, I want us to focus on mission. Keep in mind this is not so much about a mission statement but rather your team feeling they have a mission and a role in carrying it out. 

Defining Your Culture

Culture is one of those words that everyone has heard but most have a difficult time explaining. If you were to ask ten different people, you would most likely get ten different answers because most people don’t really know what culture is. 

Why is Culture Important?

I think when most leaders hear the word “culture” they immediately think about having to create a fun place for people to work. A casual workplace, filled with fluffy furniture, free food, and recreational games resembling Dave & Buster’s, which, in their minds, just leads to more overhead and distractions and less overall productivity. Even though most of these ideas are not what culture is truly about, it is still a common misconception.